Introducing DerivaDEX Learn

Published by ยท Oct 23, 2023


DerivaDEX Learn is a resource for education, updates, and analysis for the DerivaDEX ecosystem. Education is the foundation of well-informed community governance and is key for responsible and successful use of financial tools.

DerivaDEX Learn is designed to bridge the gap between technical documentation and accessible, easy-to-understand articles. Learn seeks to enhance crypto financial literacy, making complex concepts more approachable for all traders.

Learn is a great place to learn about unique aspects of the DerivaDEX platform, such as:

  • The parameters of the protocol that are set by governance
  • The security model (which includes hardware and economic elements)
  • Features like the insurance fund, trade mining, and on-chain checkpointing.

In coming weeks, you can expect to see Learn articles that introduce the DerivaDEX Explorer, define front-running resistance on DerivaDEX, describe social trading tools, and more. You can also expect articles from other locations (for example, the Medium page) to be updated and migrated to Learn.

You can get to DerivaDEX Learn from the testnet and mainnet exchanges via the dropdown menu:


Have topic ideas? Contributions to Learn can come from anyone within the DerivaDEX ecosystem. Submissions will be reviewed by a core editorial team to maintain quality and accuracy standards.

Disclaimer DerivaDEX is not available in all jurisdictions, including the US. Users should be aware that there is a risk of financial loss whenever trading derivatives and margin products. Information found in these articles is not financial advice.