January Engineering Update

Published by · Jan 30, 2024


This update describes some of the changes as well as shares some monitoring updates on the current mainnet release, Pilot.

As always, contributions and proposals can be made by anyone to the DerivaDEX project: guidelines for submitting governance proposals can be found here, and a tool for creating proposals and draft proposals via a user interface is available here.


Pilot is a limited main-net release of DerivaDEX, with all functionality enabled and safety mechanisms such as deposit and leverage limits in place. However, the goal of its deployment is for mainnet testing purposes so trading access is restricted.

Pilot has been continuously live since deployment, with all 3 nodes in a healthy state. Test transactions undertaken on the Pilot mainnet deployment have been successful. No serious longevity-related errors have been found in the Pilot deployment. An error related to the price feed has been identified and a fix has been implemented on Testnet. This fix should be included in any forthcoming proposal to ensure proper functioning of the price feed on Pilot.


Testnet remains the best pathway for users to test the platform and any integrations. In addition to DEX Labs testing, other market participants have been actively testing integrations with the DerivaDEX APIs.

Some of the changes made as a result of this testing project to the latest developer release of the DerivaDEX platform include:

  • Cancel all orders by symbol,
  • Broadcasting order rejections due to self-match/solvency on the API
  • New endpoints for current leverage and available collateral

Additionally, the DEX Labs team have identified and included fixes for several issues during internal testing. These include:

  • An error with the price feed caused by inaccurate BUSD prices from Binance. This has been resolved by migrating to the Binance USDC price feed.
  • An edge case that caused very intermittent issues with the SGX NTS clock (identified in the testnet environment)

New feature development has also been ongoing. These features may or may not be included in upcoming proposals, but are being tested in the DerivaDEX test environments.

  • INDEXPERP trading product for an index of various tokens
  • A Blockpass integration that can support any KYC/AML requirements
  • A new format for the order book following major exchange conventions, displaying the total number of units available at a given price in the rightmost column.
  • Support for the next generation of Intel SGX, which is coming in 2024.

Several restarts of testnet have been undertaken in the past month. If you are testing the trading UI or an API integration, please leave a testing address in the #testnet channel in Discord.

What’s next?

The DerivaDAO Foundation will likely put forth a proposal to upgrade the mainnet deployment of DerivaDEX in the coming weeks. The bulk of updates in this proposal will be related to back-end efficiency improvements of the exchange. Here are a few other noteworthy elements you may see in this proposal:

  • No change to the current operator nodes
  • Continued limitations on public participation
  • All API updates as requested by testing partners
  • A bootstrap amount proposal for the initialization of the insurance fund

As always, follow @DDX_official on X or join the Discord to test and learn more about the DerivaDEX platform.

The content provided in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute financial, investment, or trading advice.

Disclaimer DerivaDEX is not available in all jurisdictions, including the US. Users should be aware that there is a risk of financial loss whenever trading derivatives and margin products. Information found in these articles is not financial advice.