Getting Started With DerivaDEX Stats

Published by ยท Oct 25, 2023


The DerivaDEX Stats page uses the stats api to aggregate data related to the exchange.

You can find the Stats tool on both mainnet and testnet.


There are several views in the stats tool:

  • Dashboard: This view presents high-level metrics about the exchange, such as total exchange volume and volume by market.
  • Trading: This view displays volume by product as well as a leaderboard of top traders by volume.
  • Insurance Fund: This view provides insight into the current size and historical size of the insurance fund, and reflects all insurance fund-related events (fees, liquidations, withdrawals and deposits)
  • DDX: This view contains high-level data about the DDX currently on the exchange. Trade mining is considered an inflow, fees paid in DDX are an outflow.
  • Network: The network tab reflects the current state of the operator node network. Nodes are either healthy, if functioning normally or unhealthy if not.
  • Balance Sheet: The balance sheet is an accounting breakdown of all inflows, outflows and related states. DerivaDEX is a non-custodial exchange, so this data reflects the exact funds held by the exchange deposit contract. Additionally, funds that are withdrawn must be checkpointed before withdrawals can be completed. This view also shows the amount of funds that are in-progress withdrawals or deposits.

Decentralized finance has the potential to provide users with more secure and transparent options. The Stats page aggregate and reflects salient data about deposits and trading activity on the exchange, and can be verified by cross-referencing with the transaction log.

In conjunction with the DerivaDEX explorer tool, users have options to view data as granular as individual transactions, or in aggregate.

If you have ideas about new types of data analysis products or interfaces, the stats and realtime APIs are excellent resources for contributors.

Disclaimer DerivaDEX is not available in all jurisdictions, including the US. Users should be aware that there is a risk of financial loss whenever trading derivatives and margin products. Information found in these articles is not financial advice.